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We process and distribute different quartz glasses.
From medium-sized companies to industrial groups, we supply our customers with appropriate materials for a wide range of industrial applications.

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We not only hold our standard range of quartz glass plates and laser optics in stock for you, but also offer you maximum flexibility for individual, customer-specific products. By placing call-off orders, which we keep in stock for you, you can save space and thus costs and still react to changing requirements at short notice.

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Benefit from our extensive stock range of various special glasses.

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Areas of application

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Our products are used in a broad variety of different applications.

UV applications

Our quartz glass products are used in a wide variety of UV applications, such as UV water disinfection, ballast water treatment or air disinfection.

Sheet metal processing

The sheet metal processing industry is a very important market for us, because this is where we address our anti-reflective laser safety glasses.

Semiconductor industry

Our quartz glass is used in semiconductor manufacturing because it has a very high melting point and is of great purity. It is used in diffusion and batch furnaces.


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