Collaboration: Joel Johnson supports GVB-Team at IFAT 2024

Improved collaboration at GVB: This May, we welcomed Joel on site at the mother company, GVB GmbH – Solutions in Glass. The teambuilding with Joel Johnson brought our crew closer together. As Sales Manager of Quartz Solutions Inc., Joel Johnson supports the customers in our North and Central American markets. We offer technical quartz glass in the form of tubes and plates as well as other quartz products.

Together with GVB quartz glass expert Aykut Ceyhan, Joel could be found at IFAT Worldwide the world’s leading trade fair for environmental technologies in Munich, where he presented the versatile use of our quartz glass products in water sterilization and UV lamps and as well as many other areas.

Sales Manager Joel accompanied the GVB-team on site for two more weeks. After many great team meetings and a personal exchange of information among the entire team, the entire QS & GVB team enjoyed an unforgettable summer event together. We hope Joel enjoyed his time in Germany and was able to take some inspiration home with him.

International Teambuilding: Joel Johnson visits GVB team